No two projects are the same – each one demands a different approach, skill-set and knowledge. Yet, in principle the design process remains the same, it follows six basic, but very important stages.

Research / development / review / qualification / production / monitoring

We feel research is the most important stage and the foundation of any project – it helps establish where a product, service or event wishes to locate itself – in an existing, emerging or brand new market – and defines who the target audience is – and what and where is the competition.

The development stage affords the designers a platform to experiment with a variety of options – material, scale, print, digital, 3D, light, projection, interactive are all considerations – at this stage no idea or process is discounted or rejected.

Our clients are key in our design process – they inform the initial research stage, sit along-side the design team during any review and play a big role in the selection. At the end of this first review a set of design proposals are qualified and shortlisted.

The shortlisted designs are developed in further detail – worked into real situations to augment their value, functionality and integrity – a further election process is carried out to qualify which single proposal fits the client’s needs the best – the work is intensely reviewed until a single valid option is established.

The final design proposal is artworked in readiness for production. The client will sign off each element prior to it being sent to print, manufacture or being uploaded to a web server. Proof correcting, checking and amending will be factored into any time schedule.

After the project is completed a review meeting will take place to discuss the whole process. All parties are bought together to monitor the impact of the design work. This helps us to inform our creative process and for our clients to review the effectiveness of their commissions.


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