Fruit Sticker Album

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The Origin of the Fruit Sticker Album

It was almost twenty years ago that I designed and manufactured the first, small, but delicately formed album to collect Fruit Stickers in. If you didn’t know, Fruit Stickers are small plastic self adhesive labels designed to display the details and origin of a hight proportion of fruits sold around the world. The are more commonly seen on apples and bananas but displayed across a wide range of fruits. Being a graphic designer I had always noticed the aesthetic qualities and variety of the Fruit Stickers and though they would be an interesting thing to collect.


In 2002 I was renting desk-space in an architects office in south London and was asked to contribute to an ‘open studio’ event. I had always produced hand made publications – fanzines and artist books, so I though I would produce a new book to to sell to the public while they visited the studio. A week later I had produced my new idea – a batch of Fruit Sticker Albums – the first edition was only fifty in number.

The ‘open studio’ event was very popular and over a period of a week we had countless visitors marvelling over the architects models and at times purchasing Fruit Sticker Albums. In fact the Fruit Sticker Albums were so popular during the ‘private view’ I had to work through the night ago replenish my stocks.

Since the original ‘open studio’ event I have produced and sold Fruit Sticker Albums continually. Changing the colours of the covers but keeping the internal design and layout the same as the original. Today, I print the albums in editions of 500 and hand number each album. They are for sale on Etsy, Ebay and are stocked by Choosing Keeping (21 Tower Street, London WC2H 9NS)

Recently I was interviewed by Harry Wallop for an article he was writing for the Daily Mail. He collects Fruit Stickers himself and uses one of my albums to keep them safely in. The article celebrated all things Fruit Sticker and listed other collectors and myself documenting the different passions raised by these tiny marvels.

The article has had a very positive impact on sales and has raised even more interest through its inclusion as a topic for discussion on Loose Women:

The feedback have been very positive and lots of parents are using the Fruit Sticker Album to help encourage their children to embrace a healthy diet (whilst competitively collecting with their siblings).

If you are interested in finding more about my Fruit Sticker Albums please feel free to get in contact.

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