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January 2020

My favourite commission is any which include type design. Therefore branding is very high on my listings, as usually it is underpinned by some form of type design – single letters, words or complete alphabets. Currently I am developing a new brand marque for an arts organisation. As with any contemporary branding project the marque will need to function in colour, monotone, outline and three dimensionally.


Where historically, type only needed to be successful in relation to legibility and readability, today considerations need to reflect its place on the printed page, computer screen, across smart technologies and social media. Twenty six letters, from print to pixel.

More posts to follow as the project progresses…

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April 2019

I am currently in the process of developing brand identity, signage systems and marketing assets for The Drugstore Gallery (Axbridge, Somerset).

The gallery is housed in one of the oldest buildings in Axbridge, an apothecary store dating back almost four hundred years. It showcases both contemporary and traditional artwork as well as affording visitors the opportunity to book the venue as a meeting space or holiday accommodation.

Initial discussions centered around the need to develop a logotype which would echo the galleries former existence and heritage, but locate it with a contemporary visual resonance.

After a number of initial ‘digital’ renditions I elected to look to my letterpress collection (in Studio B) for inspiration. I selected a very unusual ‘hand cut’ grotesque typeface – inconsistencies were common throughout the same letters due to its production but offer an interesting aesthetic.

I measured and re-drew vector copies of each letterform – this enabled me to develop a complete typeface and commission physical printing blocks to further testing from Petrescu Press –


The hand printed ‘brand assets’ sit comfortably alongside digital renditions of the brand marque. We printed and bound Order, Edition and Visitor books, manufactured button badges and rubber stamps.

The whole brand ethos was to bring the brand to life with a broad range of physical assets – to celebrate a wide range of materials, textures and processes, centered in making and craft.



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© Carl Middleton – 2020

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