Design for Print / Press and Publicity.

One day-to-day activity in the Neat studio is the composition of text and image specifically for a final outcome in printed media. Commissions include books, magazines, newsletters, flyers, posters and even from time-to-time packaging. We underpin our design work by having superb links with both local and national printing companies and are often ‘on press’ fine tuning the printing process to ensure the finished quality of our products meet our client’s exacting standards.

One complex print commission was to design an artists’ monograph set in both English and Mandarin – quite a challenge typographically but once we had established links with a translation service and found a suitable Mandarin typeface the process was much the same as any other design project.

Once completed the book was case bound, foil blocked and spot varnished – printing took place in Germany followed by international distribution – all managed, directed and coordinated from the comfort of the Neat design studio.

Author: Carl Middleton

Independent design professional - specialising in graphic design, typography, corporate identity, communication and marketing.

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