Type Design / Letterforms.

Neat is often approached to research, develop and design brand and corporate identities for our clients. One discipline, which differentiates our work from our competitors and informs our creative process, is our aptitude and ability for typeface design.

The process is complex but positively impacts on the originality of contemporary design work. Over the past two decades we have developed type designs for signage, brand, corporate and product identities and continue to generate ideas, which are used to inform our future projects.


The Z Twist identity is a good example of how a bespoke typeface professionally situates a brand well above where others simply apply an existing typefaces to a name.


If you are offering a unique service your identity should also be unique. To produce the Host identity Neat worked closely with the client to develop an alphabet using the minimum number of shapes. The marque had to function at the extremes of scale and be instantly recognisable in print, screen and throughout the built environment.


Thoughts, ideas and reflections relating to letterforms, type and typography are constantly documented in our studio sketchbooks…









Author: Carl Middleton

Independent design professional - specialising in graphic design, typography, corporate identity, communication and marketing.

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