Corporate Marques / Brand Identity.

Neat have worked on a range of commissions from the design of a logo, the development of a commercial marque to the complete management for the visual styling of a corporate identity.

Letterforms and logos are the visible form of language – unspoken elements which communicate beyond the words they simply depict. Our expertise in visual language helps us interpret and vocalise it graphically. We work with our clients to define new platforms for expression and help to support the development of their services into progressive visual identities.

Bridgwater Arts Centre contacted Neat to develop an identity for their CIAM6 programme of events. We researched historic documentation from archives in London and Switzerland finding typo/graphic treatments of the title text – this was thereafter digitised, developed and represented for the programme, set in a contemporary graphic setting.

Colour is always an important factor in the siting of any brand, service or event – Neat developed a dynamic colour palette to accompany the CIAM marque and together they helped to propel the project across digital, print and physical platforms.

If you have a product or service you wish to develop and need a corporate marque, identity or brand please feel free to contact and discuss this with Neat. We have a studio in Milverton or can travel to your offices or work space wherever you are based.

Telephone: 01823 401 302 or Email:



Author: Carl Middleton

Independent design professional - specialising in graphic design, typography, corporate identity, communication and marketing.

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