Exhibition Graphics / Signage.

James Gilray – The Art of Caricature for Tate Britain is a prime example of our exhibition work. The curation primarily documented Gilray’s satirical etchings, with a high proportion of the exhibits being hand tinted (and therefore would fade if displayed in daylight conditions). This resulted in the whole of the exhibition set out with very low lighting levels. To support the light conditions and ensure focus was directed to the exhibited works (where it needs to be) Neat elected to screen print lacquered section signage directly onto the gallery walls.

Interpretive materials were developed throughout the exhibition and coordinated with custom made furniture punctuating the different spaces, affording visitors comfortable contemplation spaces.


The project was carried out in collaboration with Cotterell & Vermeulen Architects Ltd.

Other exhibition commissions include:

  • CIAM6: Congrès Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne – Bridgwater Arts Centre.
  • Thomas Girtin: The Art of Watercolour – Tate Britain.
  • J.M.W Turner: Permanent displays – Tate Britain.
  • Magic Pencil, Children’s Book Illustration Today – British Library.
  • 100% Design: Victoria & Albert Museum – Olympia, London.
  • Timber Architecture in the Twentieth Century – CCANW, Exeter.

Author: Carl Middleton

Independent design professional - specialising in graphic design, typography, corporate identity, communication and marketing.

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